Street Fighter 6 players are heading straight to its arcade to play classic fighting games

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Some Street Fighter 6 players enjoying a classic fighting game.
Credit: Capcom.

With Street Fighter 6 having just been released, fighting game fans across the world are diving into a cascade of power-filled punch-ups and beefy brawls.

No matter how much time in the run up to release you dedicated to reading as many reviews as possible, deciding which character you want to main, or setting some ground rules to ensure you don’t ruin the experience for yourself, odds are if you’re a veteran fighter, you’ve spent part of the past few days limbering up for the new game by playing some of its predecessors.

Interestingly enough, though, it seems that some of those who’ve recently said their goodbyes to Street Fighter 5 have decided to kick their time with 6 off by using it to play a selection of even older fighting games.

What have you gotten up to in Street Fighter 6 so far?

These nostalgia-fuelled gaming sessions are the subject of a recent thread on the subreddit r/streetfighter, which saw user CatOnASegway share a picture of a player they’d found enjoying a few rounds of retro Street Fighter in the game centre and declared: “Shoutout to the guy who booted up Street Fighter 6 for the first time just to play Street Fighter 2 instead.”

A few of their fellow battlers decided to speculate as to the motives of this this old-school soul, with user danielthecameron suggesting: “[They] couldn't take the [new] soundtrack and went straight [back] to the GOAT.” and J0J0388 arguing: “[You’ve] gotta go back to the first game you played, then compare [Street Fighter 6 to it] directly afterwards [to see] how far we've come from Street Fighter 2.”

On the other hand, user digitalbooty suggested that it could be caused by a well-honed sense for hunting down classic entries in the series in the real world, revealing: “I have a million other ways to play Super Turbo. I too went directly to the Super Turbo cabinet during the open beta. It might as well have been a [real] arcade.”

Meanwhile, user Bunnnnii assumed that the new game might be missing the player’s main of choice, lamenting: “[They] must be a Vega lover. Don’t worry babe, I’m suffering just like you.”

Elsewhere in the thread, a number of brawlers lamented the fact the retro game cabinets only support local multiplayer, rather than online, with user ForwardLychee1415 saying: “]That’s a) missed opportunity, [it] would be a nice little break to play with a buddy on the nostalgia cabinets.”

Regardless of how many hours you’re planning to spend not playing Street Fighter 6 in Street Fighter 6, make sure to check out our guides to everything from unlocking outfits, to drive rushing and even the ranking system.

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