Streamers And Pros Think TenZ Can Surpass Shroud

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Michael 'Shroud' Grzesiek is regarded as one of the greatest aimers of all time. The prodigious skill he possesses has been proven time and time again throughout his CS: GO career. Currently, he plays VALORANT and enjoys it, but another player is becoming just as adept at aiming.

Due to his accuracy, Tyson "TenZ" Ngo is also known as the best VALORANT player in the world. Many videos show how good TenZ is, and many streamers and pros say that TenZ is becoming the 'new Shroud'. Will the crown for greatest aimer be passed on?


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Shroud and TenZ aiming

TenZ first grabbed attention when Dr DisRespect said that TenZ is like Shroud, but TenZ knows how to win. Although it was a bit of a blow, no one seems to disagree about how good TenZ has gotten. Shroud himself said that TenZ is the top VALORANT player in the world today.

Here is a video from my friends at Esports Talk


It doesn't matter what game Shroud plays; he's a great player. He's fun to watch because he's constantly learning and improving with each new game and group he plays with. He's also so nice that no one has anything bad to say about him.

Several articles report that gamers tend not to be as good in their 30s as when they were in their 20s. Once gamers reach their 30s, their reaction speed tends to slow down. Because TenZ is 20 and Shroud is 27, everyone is talking about TenZ and Shroud.

People are expecting Shroud to get worse at the same time as TenZ improves. Shroud is Muhammed Ali or Michael Jordan in sports, while TenZ is Mike Tyson or Kobe Bryant. One is gaining in their prime, while the other is ending their career at the top.