Star Wars Jedi Survivor players are unashamedly cheesing the Spawn of Oggdo boss fight

Cal Kestis looking ashamed in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
Credit: Respawn/EA.

Cal Kestis looking ashamed in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
Credit: Respawn/EA.

If you’re a big Star Wars fan, odds are you’ve spent the past week or so delving into the freshly released entry in Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi series.

Assuming you’ve been lucky enough to have avoided having your playing sessions disrupted too badly by the array of performance-related issues that plagued the launch version of the game, there’ll have been more than enough planets to explore, bosses to battle and appearances to customise to keep you occupied, even if you’ve been playing from dawn until dusk.

For those already starting to approach 100% completion, mods can offer a few extra hours of intergalactic entertainment, as can coming up with ideas for the plot of a potential next entry in the series, but if you’re still struggling to beat one of the game’s most infamous bosses, a couple of strategies currently taking the community by storm might be worth checking out.

Which strategies have you used to try and beat Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s deadly second-generation frog?

The first of these amusing approaches to defeating Spawn of Oggdo can be found within in a recent thread on the subreddit r/fallenorder, which saw user Anonymous_SG28 share a clip of them throwing a couple of unsuspecting enemies down into the creature’s lair in order to soften it up for them.

“After losing to him for a few hours, I decided I was not skilled enough to fight him, so we made it a group project with a couple of volunteers.” they explained, adding: “I'd like to think it's what a Skywalker would've done.” in response to another player declaring that they’d opted for the same strategy and felt no shame.

The vast majority of other players in the thread seemed equally impressed, rather than disgusted, by the feat, with user Schratzenholtzen declaring: “Man’s playing Holotactics in the wild”, while williamjwrites praised it for embodying the motto: “Work smarter, not harder.”

On the other hand, some of their fellow Force-users reported that karma had intervened with their attempts to forego honourable combat and brazenly rig the odds in their favour, with Objective_Look_5867 revealing: “I did the same and he killed them before he (even) hit half health” and AegisHawk musing: “I did this too, except when I hopped down to finish it off it one-shot me.”

One of the threads on r/fallen order.
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Meanwhile, in another thread, user Sorry_Bar3455 showed off their risk-free kill of the beast by spamming it with charged blaster shots from above, attracting a lot of praise, but also some criticism from users who suggested that simply dropping the difficulty might be a preferable alternative to turning the fight into a joke.

Regardless of how you feel about allowing your mullet-rocking Jedi to squirm his way out of receiving another Oggdo tongue-lashing, make sure to check out the massive array of helpful guides we’ve created about everything from perks to dungeons, which can aid your quest to become a Jedi master.

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