Spider-Man: Miles Morales Lead Actor Found About His Role At The Spider-Man PS4 Launch

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It's fair to say November is going to be a month to remember for gamers.

The next-gen consoles are finally releasing and a plethora of exciting games are set to launch.

One of those is titles is Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a new Spider-Man game that follows a brand new protagonist.

In an interview with Game Informer, lead actor Nadji Jeter reveals how he brought Miles to life in the new game.


Nadji Jeter Reveals How He Brought Miles To Life

Jeter was first invited to take on the role of Miles at the PS4 Spider-Man Launch party.

Creative director of Marvel's Spider-Man, Bryan Intihar, directly asked Jeter to play the part.

Jeter agreed to play the role and began to prep.

In the interview, he revealed the steps he took to bring Miles to life within the game.

He explained his initial goal was to grasp Miles as a character before focusing on the superhero aspect of his character.

"Starting off with Miles, I wanted to get his genuine personality and innocence... it wasn't about jumping into it and being a superman".


Jeter also plays Miles in the Disney Miles Morales cartoon.

He spoke about the differences in the roles and how it was important to capture the age difference from the cartoon.

"In the Disney cartoon, he's 13-14 and in the game, he is 16-17. It's a trip but it also helped a lot because it kind of put me in the mind-state that when he is Spider-Man and fighting the villains he is a different person, he isn't a kid anymore, he's a leader". 


It's always great to see how an actor goes about bringing a character to life.

It's especially interesting when the actor plays the role in two different projects.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales releases on November 12th so there isn't too long to wait before we can jump into the game.

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