Skyrim mod has Alduin send shape-shifting couriers to kill the Dragonborn

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Skyrim's Dragonborn fighting a dragon.

While modders have historically had to put a lot of effort into making Skyrim feel as immersive and realistic as possible, bringing everything from destructible furniture to gear-equipping animations and dynamically-learning NPCs to the game, one area they haven’t really had to touch is its couriers.

When they’re not being pranked or randomly joining cults, these messengers operate like clockwork, reliably delivering everything from inheritance to spooky notes from the Dark Brotherhood to people all over the province.

Now, though, a new mod has arrived to ensure that their ruthless efficiency won’t be the most terrifying thing about these emissaries, by turning some of them into shape-shifting assassins.

Are you looking forward to fearing the wrath of Skyrim’s postmen and women?

The mod in question is called ‘Vengeful Courier’, and is the work of modder KittenChariot1243. Their previous work has added some additional layers to Roggvir’s execution and given the Dragonborn the chance to shout like Star Wars’ Darth Maul.

This time, they’ve made the Dragonborn shout again, but this time in fear as Alduin sends shape-shifting dragons disguised as couriers to pursue the province’s hero and attack them in random locations throughout the game.

Fortunately, you won’t encounter any of these assassins prior to hitting level five, from which point onwards there’ll be a 5% chance every time you level up that one of these sneaky slayers will be dispatched to pursue you.

While avoiding them is designed to be difficult, you’ll get a little bit of warning via some spooky music, which will play when the courier gets close to your position, giving you a moment to mentally prepare for the ensuing battle.

That said, if you don’t want things to feel too out of your control, grabbing both the Skyrim Script Extender and SkyUI will allow you to tweak the percentage chance of one of the shape-shifters being dispatched to your liking.

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