Skyrim modder forces the game’s NPCs to answer the call of nature

Some of Skyrim's beautiful nature.

Modders have historically put a lot of effort into making Skyrim feel as immersive and realistic as possible, bringing everything from destructible furniture to gear-equipping animations and dynamically-learning NPCs to the game.

This has also included a lot of interesting changes to combat, with everything from fresh weapon sound effects, to a range of new spells, and even some insane kill moves having made fights with the game’s NPCs more fun than ever before.

Now, though, a new mod has arrived to force those poor AI that are actually allied with the game’s protagonist to face off against a far tougher foe than Skyrim’s OP protector, in the form of basic bodily functions.

“I used to be an adventurer like…hold that thought, I’ll be back in a second.”

The mod in question is called ‘Nature Calls’, and is the work of modder giamel. Their previous work has made sure enemies won’t think the arrow sticking out of their head is a figment of their imagination, and ensured that the game’s wood chopping blocks don’t look too perfect.

This time, they’ve decided to inflict the friendly denizens of a toiletless province with the unending curse of having to dispose of the food and drink that they consume in the brief stops between trips across Skyrim at the Dragonborn’s heels.

That’s right, with the mod installed your followers may, every so often, be forced to abandon you in order to locate a suitable spot nearby to do the deed, before returning to get on with whatever it is you’re up to.

This is provided that they’re not in the midst of a fight or a conversation, in which cases it would be far too impractical or rude to make a swift exit. Being indoors and being asleep are other factors that may terminate their need to sneak off and complete the task.

The mod is already proving popular among those seeking a Skyrim experience that’s arguably too immersive for anyone’s good, with user msdos3107 having commented: “120% immersive! A mod of the month candidate!”

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