Skyrim players are still incredibly disappointed by the lack of treasure in Markarth’s treasury house

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Some buildings in Skyrim's Markarth.

When they’re not destroying all of Nazeem’s furniture, dressing up as a spriggan, or trying to convince Ulfric Stormcloak and General Tullius to get along, Skyrim’s Dragonborn can often be found doing a spot of travelling to different cities.

After all, when you’ve got quests to complete, mysterious chickens to follow, and possibly a cursed entity to try and escape, staying on the move makes a lot of sense.

However, sometimes the locations they might encounter while walking around vanilla Skyrim can seem a little disappointing compared to those added in by modders, as some players are currently discussing.

Did you have trouble finding places worth robbing in vanilla Skyrim?

The thread containing this conversation on the Skyrim subreddit began with a post from user JackRogers5898, who shared an image of the abode of the Silver-Blood family and asked: “Anyone else completely underwhelmed by the lack of valuables in the Markarth treasury (house)?”

They later added in response to another user that they spend a lot of time stealing from Skyrim’s most destitute NPCs: “Unironically I got more gold from a poor Riften dock worker’s food rations than I did from breaking into Markarth’s treasury.”

A number of their fellow players seemed to share in their disappointment regarding many luxurious locations throughout the province, with user TigerRolling saying: “same as all the Jarls’ palaces or longhouses, (they have a) bit of jewellery but none of them seem to have any gold!”

Meanwhile, user TooLateToPush suggested that previous Elder Scrolls game have done a better job of hiding away valuables worth stealing outside of dungeons, musing: “The banks in Morrowind were packed full of gold and great gear, and (were) difficult to break into until you knew how.”

Thankfully, user Pretty-Cow-765 showed up to recommend that those enduring this frustration who have access to mods utilise mz07’s ‘Better Treasury House’ to improve their heisting experience.

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