Skate 2 Servers Will Shut Down in 2021

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EA announced Skate 2 servers are shutting down soon, and many long time fans aren't happy about it - if only because there's no telling when Skate 4 will actually release.

On the official Skate Twitter page, EA said it'll sunset the online servers of Skate 2 starting December 10, 2021. Once the servers are down, EA has confirmed that players can't play the multiplayer content anymore, but can still use the online inventory and spend Skate's premium currency in the store.

However, the decision to take down Skate 2 servers rubbed the fans the wrong way. Some replies, such as @ChasmRift and @Mikrik28, were visibly against this shutdown decision. After the Skate 2 server shutdown, players will be left with no Skate servers to play on until the next one.


However, Skate 2's backwards compatibility could also be affected as the multiplayer mode will also be removed on recent consoles.

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Skate 2 Servers Will Shut Down in 2021

Other Skate titles, such as Skate 3, still have their servers functioning, but if that doesn't appeal, you'll be be in for a long wait to play multiplayer in a more recent Skate game again.