Sims 4 player claims that the game has been ruined by capitalism

An image of the Monopoly man in The Sims.

The world of The Sims is full of wacky events and unexpected occurrences that can leave players dying with laughter and searching for an explanation.

After all, which other game boasts such a humongous list of confusing glitches and baffling goings-on, including the likes of a family of Keanu Reeves clones, conspiracy-laden phone calls from Santa Claus and children that look a bit like Voldemort?

Sadly, it seems that, despite all of these fun little events, some players have grown frustrated with the game, leading one to take to Reddit and claim that market focus has ruined the game for them.

Do you feel the chains around the wrists of the proletariat whenever you load up The Sims?

The thread concerning their opinion in the subreddit r/thesims began with a post from the user in question, GopnikMafiaBoss, who explained: “I've always enjoyed this game, especially when I was a child, but capitalism has been ruining it for me. It seems like a new expansion or DLC comes out every other month, and most, if not all of them should've just been a free update to the base game.”

It seems that this is an attitude shared by many of their fellow Simmers, with user Rhylaa saying: “EA is greedy for sure, but a huge problem is the consumers happily buying everything. Consumerism is ruining gaming all around. Buying every new DLC that comes out shows EA that it’s okay to do, they’re losing no money.”

On the other hand, user onionpal revealed that they’ve had to go back to playing older Sims games and grabbing expansion packs during sales in order to reinvigorate their love for the series after burning out on The Sims 4.

Meanwhile, user JCAPER suggested that the latest entry in the series not being replaced with a new game as quickly as past games might be to blame for these feelings towards it, adding: “I think it’s a stretch to blame an ideology for what’s happening to Sims 4.”

Regardless of how you currently feel about The Sims 4, make sure to follow us for more Sims updates as a range of new content arrives for you to pick up.

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