Sims players speculate about what an M-rated Sims game would be like

A screenshot from The Sims 4 High School Years expansion trailer.

A screenshot from The Sims 4 High School Years expansion trailer.

Whether they’re creating picture-perfect houses resembling the Love Island villa, having werewolf graduation ceremonies or assembling a family of Keanu Reeves clones, Sims players are very good at finding new ways to make the game as interesting as it can be, sometimes with the aid of new updates.

However, it seems that some of these creative geniuses still aren’t totally satisfied, craving a chase to throw off the shackles of child-friendly censorship in order to experience a true simulation of real life.

This is the subject of a recent Reddit thread, which saw players dare to dream about what an M-rated Sims game would look like.

What would the dark side of the Sims look like?

The thread in the subreddit r/thesims discussing this began with a post from user FartExploder99, asking: “If The Sims were Rated M, what should EA add to the game?”

They then went on to outline that the M rating is akin to a PEGI 16 or 18 rating in the UK and a M to MA15+ rating in Australia.

The replies to this open-ended question saw players take it in a variety of interesting and sometimes disturbing ways, with user Wearystranger suggesting that EA could add: “Spooky scary things (I loved paranormal but it was almost too cutesy) and raunchy humour. Like party strippers, sex jokes, drug references. A lot more tragedy, but in a goofy way.”

Meanwhile, user JustReallyDamnTired was in more of a party mood, arguing in favour of: “actual alcohol instead of 'juice'. Have sims get drunk and all types of drunk personalities represented”, causing quietthistle to reply: “I hate the "juice" thing. Also ‘plasma’ (in place of blood). Not a big fan of woohoo but it's also just so iconic to The Sims for me. It can stay.”

On the other hand, user Abcdefgwhat went down a very dark path, saying: “More violence and tragedy I think. Cars and car crashes, fatal illnesses, miscarriage, abortion, burglaries, murders, substance abuse, kidnappings with ransoms etc. It would make the criminal and detective careers more interesting.”

Sadly, a few users offered even more bleak outlines, with user TheArcticGlacier uttering the terrible phrase: “tax season” and melifaro_hs saying: “they'd make a really bad version of basemental mods that you'd have to pay $40 for.”

Regardless of whether you think Sims players are mature enough to handle being able to play with life’s vices and tragedies, follow us for more updates as a range of new content arrives for you to pick up.

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