New Anti-cheat Stops Cheat Providers at Their Source

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Cheating in several shooter games has skyrocketed in recent months. Whether it's Warzone, Apex Legends, or Halo Infinite, players often encounter others using some kind of cheats to gain an unfair advantage.

Apex and Warzone feature dedicated anti-cheat systems to combat the problem. Despite this, hackers continue to slip through the net, much to the annoyance of players looking for a fair playing field.

In a bid to prevent players obtaining cheats for numerous games, a new company known as Seeker Anti-Cheat is taking a different approach to stop cheaters from using hacks.

Seeker Anti-Cheat Company
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What Is Seeker Anti-Cheat?

Rather than players downloading a piece of software, Seeker Anti-Cheat is a company that attacks cheat providers at the source. Action ranges from disabling payment processes to taking legal action on behalf of publishers.

"Rather than doing what other anti-cheat companies do and going into a game to find cheaters, we attack the cheats at the source and take down the websites providing these cheats," revealed a Seeker Anti-Cheat spokesperson.

Does Seeker Anti-Cheat Work?

The company claims to have removed four cheat providers from Google, preventing any players from acquiring cheats. A non-invasive approach to tackling the widespread problem of cheaters is an interesting one.

Preventing players from purchasing cheats is a unique method to combat the problem and if the company's effectiveness continues, there's every chance publishers utilise its service to add a further layer in their efforts to prevent cheaters from ruining their games.

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