Sea Of Thieves: Optimised For Xbox Series X And S

Released back in 2018 Sea of Thieves is still a popular game with a large fanbase.

Due to this its no wonder that they continue to release content and work on the title.

Sea of Thieves will be getting optimisation for Xbox Series X and S, along with it brings a variety of improvements.

Sea Of Thieves Optimised For Xbox Series X And S

Get ready for some changes to come to Sea of Thieves for Xbox Series X and S.

The first thing on the list is that the Xbox Series X will run the game in 60 fps, full 4k definition.

The Xbox Series S will run at 60fps and 1080p.

Of course, with the new console comes faster load times and Sea of Thieves is no exception.

Due to more advanced processing power, you'll be able to jump in and out of action as often as you like and quickly too.

Players who decide to subscribe to the Xbox Games Pass will get access to the optimised version of the game.

As well as that those who have Smart Delivery will get the optimised Sea of Thieves too.

So far that's all we know about the improvements coming to the game.

It may not seem like much so far but we can hope for more news closer to the time of release!

Either way Sea of Thieves is an incredible game as it is right now!

We look forward to seeing the changes in action when it comes to Xbox Series X and S.

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