Roller Champions: How To Gain Access To The Closed Beta

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Roller Champions is the latest 3v3 competitive sports game from Ubisoft. 

The game has been anticipated by an ample amount of people, as it looks to propel the success that other 3V3 competitive titles have had such as Rocket League.


While the game should be releasing sometime in 2021, they have now announced some details regarding the closed beta.

If you are looking to snag a spot within the beta, we have got you covered!

Here's how to gain access. 



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RollerChampions on Twitter posted some notes regarding the closed beta over the weekend. 

They note that the beta is going to be the first time players on PS4 and Xbox One are going to be able to check out the closed beta!

Console players: The Closed Beta will mark the first time Roller Champions can be played on PS4 and Xbox One!


As well, they also followed up their initial tweet with another one indicating how players are going to gain access to this beta.

If you are based within the EU; you can head over here, to sign up to gain access to the closed beta.

Furthermore, if you register you are going to gain access to a live tester outfit for the game! 

Register to join our European Closed Beta or to get the live tester outfit and to stay updated on all news!