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Rocket League: New Challenge System Changes And Features

The recent announcement that Rocket League is going free to play has a lot of people very excited.

The new business model is sure to bring in hordes of new players to the game.

On top of that, Psyonix has revealed a number of significant changes coming to the title.

One of which is the revamped challenge system.

The New Challenge System

Check out the official Rocket League tweet below:

Rocket League is updating its Challenge system in a big way with free to play. Check out our latest blog to see how you'll complete Challenges and what you'll get as rewards!📖: https://t.co/DzCLCbucDppic.twitter.com/D4WjlRc1f3
— Rocket League (@RocketLeague)
August 26, 2020

Let's break down the changes:

Season And Weekly Challenges

The new Challenge system will feature Season, Weekly and Event Challenges.

Players will get three challenges each week, these will reset every Wednesday.

After the reset, players will receive three new challenges to start completing.

Season Challenges will also be available for players to complete.

These take longer than weekly challenges, however, offer better and more valuable rewards.

Players with Rocket Pass Premium will receive twice as many Season Challenges.

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All-New Challenge Widget And Menu


Players will be able to track their challenge progress in the all-new challenge widget.

As well as this, a challenge menu will be added to the game.

This is where you'll track your Challenges and see the rewards you can receive.

On top of this, the Challenge menu is where you will claim your rewards once a challenge is complete.


Drops can be found as Challenge rewards and on the free track of Rocket Pass.

When opened, drops award an item that is added to a players inventory.

Drops come in different rarities and offer items of the same rarity or higher.

Items from drops are tradeable with other players, however, Drops are not.


New Driver Challenges

Players trying Rocket League for the first time will receive New Driver Challenges.

This is how new players will unlock items included in the base game prior to going free to play.

New players will only have access to Octane, Breakout, and Merc at the start.

The New Driver Challenges will give them a chance to expand their garage.

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It's great to see Psyonix adding in features to accommodate new players coming to the game.

The revamped Challenge system is certain to leave players with plenty to do. 

Check out the official update page here.

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