Rivals of Aether’s Got Big Plans for 2022, Including New Spin-Offs

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Rivals of Aether creator Dan Forance has detailed what fans can expect for 2022's updates, and he's not letting up just yet. Between spinoffs, sequel plans, and how they're expanding Aether's esports scene, a lot's being planned.

As seen on Fornace's official blog, he starts with a rundown of Aether's updates and achievements last year. So far, the game's doubled its roster with some community Steam Workshop characters having a chance of being officially added. Rollback netcode, which saw a beta last year, is aiming for an "early 2022" launch, starting with 1v1 competitive matches.

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Rivals of Aether’s Got Big Plans for 2022, Including New Spin-Offs


Elsewhere, Aether Studios are working together with other creators to make spin-offs, offering an update on the upcoming Dungeons of Aether. As for Creatures of Aether, a free-to-play online card game, that's unfortunately winding down support, though servers will remain active.

Finally, a Rivals Of Aether 2 update was provided. Utilising a 3D art style, Fornance states the original game as an esport is "limited by its initial design from all those years ago," and development appears to be progressing well. While he says "don’t expect a release date or playables any time soon," an update looks set for April.

Moving forward, Rivals Of Aether looks like a strong and steady competitive title this year. The game maintains a strong homegrown esports circuit across North America, one that's attracted skilled players for years.