RGG Studio Releases Lost Judgement DLC Roadmap

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Ryu Ga Gotoku (RGG) Studio and Sega’s Lost Judgement will release September 24, 2021 alongside one of the game's three planned DLC packs. The developer revealed the roadmap for the remaining DLC and what we can expect from it.


Those who pre-order the digital deluxe and digital ultimate editions of the game will get early access on September 21. Both versions come with the Detective Essentials pack, which includes:

  • More detective dogs
  • New skateboard and skate park
  • Sky-Spider Drone and Extract Recipes
  • More girlfriends
  • More Sega Master System games
  • Fight Super Shin Amon

The School Stories pack is also included in both editions and releases October 26. It contains:

  • New motorcycle parts and race course
  • New dance club outfit and special moves
  • New robot
  • Spar with Kaito, Sugiura, and Higashi
  • Adds Boxing to Yagami's combat styles

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RGG Studio Releases Lost Judgement DLC Roadmap

Finally is a DLC storyline about Kaito – protagonist Takayuki Yagami’s best friend-slash-business partner – which launches in spring 2022. Called "The Kaito Files," it's a 10-hour expansion where you play as Kaito himself.


However, The Kaito Files is only available for those who purchase the Lost Judgment Digital Ultimate Edition.

RGG said on Twitter that all DLC will eventually be available for separate purchase and that more details are forthcoming.

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