Respawn Is Working On A New "Ambitious" Single-Player Adventure

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Mohammad Alavi, a Creative Director at Respawn Entertainment has revealed that the studio is working on a new single-player adventure, leading to fans speculating over what it might be.

Being crafted by a "small, but ambitious team", the studio is currently hiring for four positions to work on the project, including a Lead and Senior Technical Game Designer, a Senior Combat Designer, and a Senior Level Designer.


The job applications don't offer much in the way of details about the project, but they do suggest the team will have a lot of freedom, with the universe of the title being described as "unique", allowing for a lot of innovation.

So, what is the project. It could be Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2, but we would imagine that game has now entered full production and a sequel seems inevitable.

It could also be a new spinoff of Apex Legends, perhaps focusing on a single Legend, or maybe even a new Titanfall game, such as Titanfall 3. Although, the latter seems unlikely as Respawn has recently confirmed on a couple of people are working on it.


However, with how this project is described it seems more likely that this is a brand new IP entirely, likely within a unique universe, unlike anything Respawn has created before.

We probably won't see this project for a few years so once more development details are revealed we will be sure to let you know.