Resident Evil 8: New Footage Shows Off Movement, Setting, and Resident Evil 4 Inspiration

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Resident Evil Village is expected next year, but a new PlayStation 5 promotional video has shown off an extra slither of gameplay that hints at some of the game's wider mechanics.

The video, starring tennis player Naomi Osaka, shows her playing through Spider-Man: Miles Morales before switching gears to Resident Evil Village.


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Resident Evil 8: New Footage Shows Off Jumping, Climbing, and More

Check out the video below:


As Osaka wanders through the abandoned Village, it's hard not to recall the seminal Resident Evil 4's opening.

That comparison only holds more weight as Ethan is able to push objects in front of a window as a makeshift barricade, something that was possible in certain areas of Resi 4.

The game also looks to add more verticality than both the seventh instalment and the previous third-person titles, with Ethan able to mantle over furniture, climb, and even jump (we've come a long way from "tank" controls).

While we do see some classic Resident Evil elements like healing herbs, the footage shows an enemy stalking Ethan from behind a fence, and looks to move in a similar, lurching manner to Resident Evil 4's "ganados" – Spanish villagers infected with a parasite.


Increasing immersion for the star is the Dualsense controller, which she notes vibrates differently based on the protagonist's actions, while Capcom has already noted that the game will offer PS5-specific features like adaptive trigger support.

The devs have also promised minimal load times.

Speaking of Resident Evil 4, it sounds quite likely that the game is getting the remake treatment a la the excellent Resident Evil 2 and 3 revivals.