Resident Evil 4 remake mod replaces Leon with his Fortnite character model

Fortnite Leon on the Resident Evil 4 Remake demo.
Credit: ZombieAli on Nexus Mods.

Fortnite Leon on the Resident Evil 4 Remake demo.
Credit: ZombieAli on Nexus Mods.

With the remake of Resident Evil 4 set to drop later this week, it’s a great time to be a horror game buff in search of something to play with the lights off and scare yourself silly.

Some of these fearless fans are already enjoying a taste of what the game has to offer by delving into its freshly released demo, which even packs a hidden difficulty mode, while others have been binge-watching a re-creation of the original game’s intro using LEGO.

However, if you’re already looking for something to spice up your hair-raising in-game experience and don’t fancy morphing into Keanu Reeves, a new mod might be worth taking a look at.

Fancy dropping into the Resi 4 remake demo from the battle bus?

The mod in question is simply called ‘Fortnite Leon’ and is the work of modder ZombieAli. Some of their previous projects have turned Resident Evil Village’s default knife into an ice cream and brought Thomas the Tank Engine to Resident Evil 2’s remake.

This time, with some help from alphazolam’s ‘fmt_RE_MESH-Noesis-Plugin’ and SilverEzredes’ ‘MDF-Manager_RE4R’ they’ve decided to replace the chainsaw demo’s version of Leon Kennedy with his recently released Fortnite skin.

Boasting full facial animations and bag physics, this cartoony iteration of the agent might look a little bit out of place surrounded by Resi 4’s gritty locales, rather than the bright colours and bizarre foes of the battle royale game, but still probably boasts the strong combat skills required to blast through the demo’s enemies and earn a victory royale.

If you’re not a fan of dodging kamehamehas and hitting the griddy, but still like Fortnite Leon’s outfit, ZombieAli has also released a mod, called ‘Leon - Fortnite Body’, which applies it to the agent’s default body, ensuring you can rock the jacketless look without having to endure a face that looks like it’s made of plastic.

Regardless of whether you’re now asserting your dominance over some cultists by deploying a tactical Lil Whip emote, make sure to follow us for plenty of guides to help you get to grips with Resident Evil 4 Remake as soon as it arrives and check out our coverage of interesting mods for other games.

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