Red Dead Online: Get The New Legendary Gator-Skin Coat

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This week’s Red Dead Online update just brought a new hunting mission to the game — along with a sweet gator-skin coat.

“Harriet Davenport has received word of an untamed beast older than time itself nesting outside Saint Denis,” Rockstar writes in a new press release.


“The cold-blooded Legendary Banded Gator has a taste for human flesh — as well as the teeth and temperament to satisfy such a craving. Maintain a safe distance and sedate the primordial creature for Harriet or bring its unique skin to Gus to craft an imposing coat for wear.”

The release says, “Naturalists at rank five and above can take on this new Sighting Mission by approaching any of Harriet’s shops and requesting it from her available mission list.”

If you kill the banded gator, you can skin it and sell the hide to Gus Macmillan. This unlocks the Banded Coat item for purchase.

After you first meet him in Strawberry, Gus wanders the open world selling his wares; check your map to find him.


If you get over to Gus’s store and do business sometime this week, you can expect free items — like a free vest, trader goods, or a poncho — when you buy a coat or craft a trinket.

Rewards unlocked this way should show up under “benefits” within 48 hours.