Quake Update Adds Horde Mode, Honey Add-On and New Levels

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If you enjoyed Nightdive Studios' excellent Quake remaster earlier this year, then we've got good news. A second update has dropped, unexpectedly adding a new Horde Mode feature, fresh add-ons and new single player content.

Horde mode can be played solo or in four player co-op across four maps. To win, players must survive nine waves of foes. Once the ninth wave is cleared, players are granted a key to exit and cash in on their scores. Alternatively, you can keep playing fighting waves to further increase those scores. However, the score will reset if everyone gets defeated.


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Quake Update Adds Horde Mode, Honey Add-On and New Levels

As seen on the official Bethesda site, they'vereleased the patch notes for this game too. The Update 2 improvements for Quake differ for the console and PC version. A trailer is also viewable below:


The changes and fixes for Quake are as follows:


  • Fixed a crash related to secret levels when loading a save (PlayStation 5)
  • Fixed controller audio not playing in multiplayer when in someone else's lobby (PlayStation 5)
  • Deadzone and other sliders should no longer have unselectable values (Nintendo Switch)
  • Fixed achievement popup getting cut off when the pause menu is active (Nintendo Switch)


  • "First Controller" setting now works correctly


  • Improved auto aim to reduce amount of snapping and view locking onto enemies
  • Crosshair color and type can now be changed from the Gameplay options menu
  • Add-ons menu can now be used to play previously downloaded add-ons while offline
  • Text chat and push to talk voice chat are now available in pre-game lobbies
  • Fixed Death Knight incorrectly referred to as Hell Knight in the main Quake campaign
  • Bots now chat less
  • Fixed cases where texture borders were visible around certain HUD elements
  • Fixed weapon firing immediately after respawning in multiplayer
  • Turning off Enable Microphone before connecting to online services now properly mutes the microphone

Lastly, this update also introduces the Ranger Slayer skin for Quake re-release players who also play Doom Eternal and Quake Champions. Every platform - except for Nintendo Switch - will get this in Update 2 right now. Switch players will recieve that in early 2022.