PS5 Subtitles: Automatically Enabled For All Games

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We already know that Sony has gone a lot more in-depth when it comes to accessibility for the PS5.

You can read more about that here.


It's great to see these sorts of things become a priority rather than an afterthought.

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PS5 Subtitles

One feature that's important to many users is subtitles.


Obviously, this is something essential to those hard of hearing.

Although there are even more that rely on them, those who have learning difficulties and some players just like to have that option.

With the new PlayStation console, you can create preset accessibility options.

This means when starting a game most of the options should be applied.


In other words, if you need or want subtitles, you can make it so that every time you load into a game subtitles will automatically be enabled!

Amazing right?

You can configure your preset settings by going to Settings, Saved Data, Game/App Settings then Game Presets.

Here you can fiddle around and find what's best for you.


You can even set your preferred difficult for games!