PlayStation 5 Will Reportedly Struggle To Achieve Real 4K According To Sources

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Deciding which next-gen console to buy is no easy task.

A number of significant details have yet to be revealed, such as the price and release date of each console.


These will be important factors for consumers when making their choice.

However, for some the power and graphical capabilities of the next-gen consoles is all that matters.

Sony's PlayStation 5 is being called into question surrounding its ability to reach real 4k.

Let's check out what the industry insiders have revealed.


Industry Insider Claims PS5 Struggles To Hit 4K

Industry insider 'AestheticGamer' was the first to report that the PS5 may be the more expensive of the next-gen consoles.

He also revealed that certain developers have claimed to have trouble with the PS5 running at 4k.

"People should get ready for the really real possibility that the PS5 is going to end up being the more expensive console between the two, I'm trying not to say much here as I was asked not to but prepare yourself. Which does put Xbox X in a position it'll be the less expensive and more powerful console," stated AestheticGamer.


He continued, stating "I've heard from other devs that PS5 struggles with 4k games in particular so you'll see a lot of fake 4k. That doesn't matter to some, but get ready for that too."

This will certainly be an issue for some consumers who are seeking the full 4K next-gen experience.

If the PS5 costs more than the Xbox and cannot fulfil the 4K demands consumers are looking for, Sony may receive a drop in projected sales.

Of course, although AstheticGamer has been a reliable source in the past, this information has not been confirmed.


As with every rumour, it should be taken with a grain of salt until we know the exact details.

Let's hope Sony can deliver on their promises of 4K and put this rumour to bed.