Rumour Suggests PlayStation 5 May Have Another Exclusive Launch Title

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales was set to be Sony's only launch title for the PlayStation 5.

That was until recently when a rumour began circulating that a second launch exclusive title was in the works.

Let's check out everything we know so far about Sony's second exclusive launch title.


A New Exclusive Launch Title

Industry analyst Benji-Sales reported that Sony has not revealed everything surrounding the PlayStation 5 and it's launch.

Although he has not stated what Sony has up its sleeve, it has been rumoured there is a second exclusive launch title for the PlayStation 5.

"All I can say in regards to yesterday's comment is that just Spidey is not the only exclusive thing hitting for launch for the PS5. I can't go anything more into that," stated Sales.

According to @BenjiSales there is another PS5 exclusive launching alongside Spiderman Miles Moralesđź‘€
— ⛩ Frostbite Sakai ⛩ (@FrostbiteSlash)
August 12, 2020

Sales did return to Twitter to remind people this exclusive title would not be a God of War 2 or a new Final Fantasy, reminding people to manage their expectations.

"To be clear all I said was that Miles Morales isn't the only exclusive game on PlayStation 5 this Holiday... that doesn't mean suddenly Final Fantasy XVI and CoD and God of War 2 are dropping as PlayStation 5 exclusives"

This suggests it will not be a triple-A title, more likely a third-party exclusive game.

However, this is still exciting news and gives consumers even more of a reason to get the PlayStation 5.

With the Xbox Series X now launching without Halo, a second exclusive title for the Playstation 5 may tip the scales in Sony's favour.

This information remains speculative and there has been no confirmation from Sony that the PlayStation 5 will release with a second exclusive.

For now, we'll just have to keep our eyes peeled for any more clues that suggest a second launch exclusive is coming.

Let's hope the rumours are true and Sony has a big surprise planned for fans in the near future.