PS5 Controller: Release Date, Features, Price And Everything You Need To Know For PlayStation 5

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Holiday 2020 is going to be a bloodbath for gamers, as the next generation of consoles make their debut. PlayStation 5 fans, with years of market dominance under their belts now, will be eager to learn if Sony has what it takes to hang onto the crown in the face of the Xbox Series X’s opposition – and much of that will lie in how good it feels to play on the new console.

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Though little is truly concrete as yet, rumors and leaks abound for the Playstation 5’s new controller. Here’s everything we know.

New Features

LetsGoDigital’s patient trawl through patent documentations has paid off with what may be the most significant new feature on the Playstation 5 controller.

Though the iconic shape and Dualshock functions are largely untouched, images relating to new left and right backpaddles on the underside of the controller means a greater range of input options than before.


Also noted on the diagrams: two holes at the base that may be used for both audio and microphone jacks, allowing for better headset compatibility.

Sony’s blog post from back in October confirmed their intention to utilize “adaptive buttons” and haptic feedback technology, adding more immersive elements to gameplay experiences. Haptics will replace standard rumble technologies, adding a greater variety of touch elements such as textured impact. Developers will also be able to program the trigger buttons for various resistances, differentiating between actions like pulling back a bow or accelerating a vehicle.

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No announcements have yet been made about the expected pricing for the new Playstation 5 controllers, but the suite of technologies involved and the current price of Playstation 4 controllers suggests anything but “cheap.” A $70-80 price range can probably be expected, simply based off previous and comparable pricing strategies.

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The Playstation 5 controller will be out when the PS5 is out – that is to say, Holiday 2020 (give or take the general direction of November). We will likely know specific dates as more announcements come out throughout the year.


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