PS5 Controller: Design Leak Via Patent Filing

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A potential first look at the new PlayStation 5 controller may have been revealed through a Sony PlayStation patent filing in Japan, discovered by VideoGameChronicles.



This new patent filing shows a controller that looks very similar to the current DualShock 4 design, but has no light bar at the top and a few fine tuned adjustments.

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The New PS5 Controller


Recently, Sony announced some new details about the PlayStation 5 controller including its new adaptive triggers and speaker system. Here are some of the details:

  • New PS5 Controller uses USB Type C
  • PS5 Controller has Haptic Feedback
  • Controller has now adaptive triggers
  • New Speaker system on the controller
  • Better Battery Life
  • Heavier than the DUALSHOCK 4, but will be lighter than a Xbox One controller



Another image from forum ResetEra compares the new patent filing to the PlayStation 4 controller.

With the new console releasing in the 2020 Holidays, more details will no doubt be revealed in the coming months.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91