PS5: CEX Have PS5 Stock But It'll Cost You Double At £815!

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CEX land themselves in hot water as they charge customers double the retail price for preowned PS5s.

The next-gen console originally costs £450, it seems CEX might be taking advantage of desperate gamers.


With Christmas on the way, it's no surprise that some may buy the console at this price point if they have the money to spare.

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CEX PS5 Stock At £815

There's a decent amount of stock available to CEX, ready for purchase.


Though fans of the new console are not pleased with the price.

Right now, everyone looking to buy the PS5 is finding it extremely difficult.

If you want it now you'd have to pay a lot more to scalpers online and even then there's a risk you'll get scammed.

CEX's price point is similar to that of the scalpers, and they're even paying £650 for a PS5 trade-in.


That's a £200 profit for people to seel their new console, encouraging them to do so.

Some prospective customers had some words for CEX on their pricing, you can check them out below.

"That price is dreadful," says an online review, from 'dontbegreedy'.

"Come on the RRP is £449, you are totally cashing in on this and are no better than the scalpers. Be fair guys yes make a profit I understand you are a business charge £500 but £815 is just far too much."


"Come on man the disc version costs like £450 at GAME and you're gonna charge an extra £350 for the PS5?!?!"

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Eurogamer went on to ask CEX staff their opinion the situation, they were not comfortable with the current issue.

"Obviously none of us think it's good," one staff member said. "We have been told that the price is that high to match with eBay but that's when it was £750, it's now even higher.


"CEX is legally in the right to put the price to whatever they want but morally I find it repugnant and think they are helping keep the scalping prices so high in a year when we could all use a little bit less crap to deal with. A new console might bring someone's mood up and I know personally I use games as a stress release and to take my mind off of things."

When another staff member was asked for comment they said they had seen plenty consoles coming into CEX with the £650 offer.

"The demand is sky high," they said. "People will still pay it (even if that means staff can [expect] an earful as a result).

"I completely understand the argument about the high price and of course there is a moral dilemma that comes with it. Am I expecting to receive abuse from customers when the stores reopen? Absolutely. Am I comfortable selling a £450 console for over £800? Not really but if someone is going to pay it I'm not going to turn them away."


An internal email was also discovered by Eurogamer which mentions pricing of the next-gen console on eBay.

They consider themselves to be the better option as they offer a 24-month guarantee.

Overall the situation seems a tough one for staff to manoeuvre and it's not their fault, always bear this in mind!