PS4 To PS5 Compatible Games List Could Grow With Post Release Updates

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We already know that a huge range of PS4 games will be playable on the next-gen console.

Although, the more the better right?

Well, it seems we could see more titles come to the current roster of games which will be backwards compatible for PS5.


Here's everything we know on the topic.

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More Games To Become Backwards Compatible?

A week ago Sony announced that the majority of PS4 games available right now will also be coming to the PS5.

They also revealed some titles that won't be coming to the PS5 with backwards compatibility.

A developer has recently stated that some of those games could receive patches in the future which solve this issue.

Backwards compatibility has always been a focal point for players since it became a feature.


Being able to bring your old discs to a new console cuts out a lot of unnecessary purchases of the same game for next-gen.

Due to that this has been something that both Sony and Microsoft have focused quite heavily on.

A developer for DWVR, one of the games that are incompatible for PS5, took to Reddit to announce the team is looking for a solution.

When they were asked why the game wouldn't be compatible with PS5, they said it wasn't a simple answer but "the game just doesn't launch on ps5 for some odd reason".

They went on to say that it didn't make much sense as they used Unreal Engine for DWVR anyway, an engine which is commonly used for PS5 games.

Fingers crossed the dev will figure out what's wrong and could lead the way for more developers working on other incompatible games.