PS4 Free Multiplayer Weekend (8th August)

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PS4 is bringing another free multiplayer weekend to players that don't have PlayStation Plus on August 8th.

Sony tends to release free multiplayer weekends every so often each month.


Here's what we know.

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PS4 Free Multiplayer Weekend

The free weekend was revealed with the newest PS Plus games.


On the 8th of August those who don't have PlayStation Plus, all multiplayer modes will be free.

Previously you would have to have Plus to play multiplayer but next weekend anyone will be able to do so.

Bear in mind this doesn't mean games are free, you'll have to buy whatever game you wish to play multiplayer on if you don't already have it.

Although there are a handful of free games which support multiplayer modes so give them a try!


Sony has been doing free multiplayer weekends each month for a while now and we expect them to continue to do so, at least until the PS5 launch.

Xbox recently removed their 12 month Xbox Live Gold membership and so it looks like both consoles could be getting a completely new online system.

Some believe that live multiplayer subscriptions could become a thing of the past and be integrated with next-gen.

Whatever the case free weekends are a great way for those who can't afford