Project V: Release Date, Developers, Sign Up, Beta, Price, Alpha, What Is It and Everything You Need To Know

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A brand new game developed by numerous ex-employees from Riot Games and EA has now been announced.

The studio is called Vela Games, and they have teased an upcoming project called 'Project-V'.


Of course, this title is subject to change and is simply a placeholder as of now.

Here's all we know about the new title coming soon!


What Is It

Vela Games has noted on their website that the game is as follows: 


Project-V is a new game being developed by Vela Games, in a genre we're calling Multiplayer Online Co-op (or MOCO for short). Our aim is to build an exciting game centered around cooperative team skill that you can play again and again with friends.

As well, they had this to say regarding the game modes within Project-V:

It's somewhere between the two! We're building an experience for players who want to play more competitively, as well as those who want to hangout and play with their friends.



Release Date

As of now, the game does not have a release date; but we can assume they will announce this in the coming months. 



Vela Games has noted they are not ready to showcase any gameplay of Project-V, but within the next few months, we should see something! 



Play Testing

This one of the neat aspects of Project-V, as they have offered players the chance to sign up and play the game ahead of the Alpha. 

Sign up here for updates on when you will be able to register! 


Yes! We don't have an official date for the start of our Closed Alpha - but we'll announce dates as soon as we have them in our Discord. At the moment we're aiming to run our first Alpha sometime in 2021. You can learn more and secure your spot on our playtester list by registering above.