Project L Details Coming "Sometime Around" Late November, Confirms Radiant Entertainment

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Riot Games' Project L was revealed back in 2019, but there's been little news since about the upcoming fighting game set in League of Legends' universe. Though it was a brief update, more information was recently given about an expected reveal.

As seen in a reply by Radiant Entertainment President Tom Cannon, a Reddit post asked when Project L's next update would be. Cannon confirmed that it will take place "sometime around late November."


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Timeframe For Riot Games' Project L Revealed By Radiant Entertainment President

Riot Games has yet to issue an official statement about Project L regarding this. Presently, there's still a lot of unclear information about this game, including the gameplay mechanics, playable characters, and more.


With the first showcase presented in 2019, several League of Legends characters were confirmed to be part of Project L, namely Jinx, Ahri, Ryze, Darius, and Katarina. It's looking like a significantly different experience for fans, as they'll now be able to experience playing these characters in traditional 2D fighting style.

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