Project A Name Leaked As 'Valorant' As Well As New Hero!

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Riot Games’ upcoming FPS Project A, has been victim of the leaking spree that seems to be plaguing 2020.

A screenshot of a character has surfaced online, and she appears to be very similar to Overwatch’s Mercy and Moira heroes.


Also, another leak may have given away the games name, Valoran.

Leaked Character

A leaked screenshot contains the name of the character, Sentinel Sage, her appearance and a list of abilities.

Also, the bottom of the photo shows characters from what appears to be a select screen. One is inaccessible while seven of them seem to be selectable


Sentinel Sage has four abilities listed.

Her first ability is bound to mouse button one and is called Barrier Orb: “EQUIP a barrier orb. FIRE places a solid wall. ALT FIRE rotates targeter,”

The abilities most similar to the Overwatch heroes are “Healing Orb” and “Resurrection”.

Similarly, in Overwatch, Moira can send out a healing orb to heal up allies.


Sage’s ability is near enough the exact same, as shooting an orb at a teammate will activate the healing effect and will heal more over time.

On the other hand, Resurrection is similar to Overwatch’s Mercy hero and Sage’s version looks to be exactly the same.

Looking at an enemy and using Resurrection does exactly that, and fully heals the teammate.



Name Leak

According to fan Twitter account, ProjectAOnline, Project A’s official name is Valorant.

Eagle-eyed fans discovered a Valorant website trademark from Riot, as well as finding a dormant Twitter handle called PlayValorant.

The account is yet to Tweet, but it appears that it joined Twitter in February of 2020. It is currently sitting at 11,000 followers.