PowerWash Simulator hits three million players as FuturLab allows fans to suggest ideas for its next expansion

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An image of PowerWash Simulator.
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While it isn’t the first Steam early access title to capture the imagination of the masses, PowerWash Simulator certainly has done just that.

Then again, should this really be considered surprising, after all, who doesn’t secretly long to be able to blast anything and everything with highly pressurised jets of water without having to worry about increasing their water bill or attracting the wrong kind of attention from neighbours?


What may surprise you is exactly how large the number of players currently washing away is and that they’ll have a say in where the game goes next, as Eurogamer’s Matt Wales has reported.

What would you like to power wash next?

First of all, the game has now been played by more than three million people during its lifespan thus far, a milestone that developer FuturLab took to Twitter to celebrate.


Some members of this massive cleaning club responded to the post to congratulate the studio on this achievement, with user @Im_Shroomer commenting: “I got to say this game is honestly so amazing. easily one of the best ASMR/relaxing games out there.”

Meanwhile, user @AkazaUpperRank3 asked whether the game will be arriving on Playstation any time soon, leading the developer to respond: “Whilst our focus now is on Xbox and PC, we'll let everyone know if that changes.”

While players may not be able to control which platforms the game appears on, they are getting a chance to outline what they’d like to see from its next set of additions via Discord.

If you’ve got an idea that you think deserves to be the next Mini Golf Course or Gnome Fountain, both of which began life as community suggestions, then you can submit it via the ‘job-suggestions’ channel of the official PowerWash Simulator Discord server over the next few weeks.


Then, assuming your idea makes it onto FuturLab’s shortlist and progresses through a knock-out stage determined by fan voting, it might end up appearing in-game at some point down the line.

Regardless of whether you’re harbouring the genesis of the next great PowerWash Simulator level, make sure to follow us for more coverage of popular indie games.