Pope Francis Enjoys Undertale's Megalovania During Official Business

Pope Francis recently enjoyed a rendition of Megalovania from Undertale. Yes, it's true. The bishop of Rome and head of the global Catholic church was treated to the performance during his weekly general audiences at the Vatican, while a group of performers went through their acrobatics routine.

UltimaShadowX tweeted a video of it (thanks Kotaku), as the Rony Roller Circus performed their best for his holiness. While you can see some of the troupe performers jiving to the tune in the background, Pope Francis remains stoic and shows little emotion, not even the slightest sign of a pontifical foot tap.

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Pope Francis Enjoys Undertale's Megalovania During Official Business

The song and Undertale creator, Toby Fox, has yet to provide an official statement on this as seen on his Twitter. It's to be expected though. Fox is an elusive figure in video games and only often shows up to showcase anything new about his current project, Deltarune, and if Undertale gets yet another accolade for its features. The nearest project that Fox has worked on lately is Deltarune Chapter 2 in the past year and helped on Temmie Chang's indie game, Dweller's Empty Path in 2020.

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