Pokimane Claims That YouTube Purposely Crashed Her Videos When She Resigned To Twitch

Just yesterday, Ludwig announced he's moving house from Twitch to YouTube and now, Imane 'Pokimane' Anys weighs on the feud between the two giants.

While Ludwig implied that YouTube supports its content creators more than Twitch, Pokimane called the former platform out. To prove this, she asserts that YouTube reduced the view counts on her videos, purposely removing her from their algorithm.

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Pokimane Claims That YouTube Purposely Crashed Her Videos When She Resigned To Twitch

Pokimane notes that the videos on her YouTube channel suffered a deep dive in view count, all on the same day and by a gigantic amount.

My clips channel had a lot of issues, where we were getting 900K views in a day. And it just collapsed to 100K. All of our videos died. Spike up and dead, all on the same day: November 14th.

The streamer has attempted to contact YouTube, but there has been no reply:

I tried to contact higher ups at YouTube and it’s been two weeks and they haven’t helped at all.

While laying out these statistics, the streamer asserted her support for Twitch:

Twitch has so many f****** streamers. Do they care about you? Sure. Are they gonna care about you the same level that YouTube is? Twitch has less to lose than YouTube does.

I'm no conspiracy theorist, but given Pokimane's status and reputation, it's somewhat surprising that YouTube hasn't rushed to resolve this issue. More so, it raises questions about how platforms treat their content creators when signing contracts with their rivals.

Where do you fall on the YouTube vs Twitch debate? And do you think YouTube tampered with Pokimane's channel on purpose? Let us know in the comments.

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