Fan Imagines Pokemon Legends: Arceus in Classic Anime Style

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It’s not just Nintendo and Game Freak releasing trailers to hype up Pokemon Legends: Arceus' release on January 28. Some fans are also getting in on the action, and with some creative results.

As spotted by Nintendo Life, a YouTube channel called Channy and Kimberly posted their own take of the Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer sporting an 80s anime aesthetic. You can check out the trailer in all its nostalgic glory below.

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Fan Imagines Pokemon Legends: Arceus in Classic Anime Style

Channy and Kimberly are also known for posting 80s anime-inspired trailers for games such as Mario Tennis Aces, Splatoon, and even Pokemon Sword and Shield.

As for the game itself, more information and leaks about Pokemon Legends: Arceus are gradually seeping out as its release date inches closer. This includes the starters for the game, namely Cyndaquil (Fire), Oshawott (Water), and Rowlet (Grass). There will also be special Noble Pokemon, as well as the Hisui region's two clans players can get to try in the game. Make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates as it happens.

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