Pokemon Go October Field Research Tasks, Rewards, Breakthrough And Victini News

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Pokemon Go players get ready. It's nearly time to ring in a new month of field research quests and rewards.

Not to mention, a brand new Field Research Breakthrough reward (more on that further down).


We know it's maybe not as exciting as the new Feeling of Victory Quest that just went live - or the new Victini Pokemon who just got added to the game.

But it's still important.

Keep reading and we'll share with you everything we know about Field Research quests in Pokemon Go.

From how they work, the existing quests available right now and what Pokemon is coming as the new Field Research Breakthrough in October 2020.

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Pokemon Go Field Research Quests - What Are They and How Do They Work?

Field Research Quests are one of the key cornerstones of the game.


If you're new to the game or joining again after a length stint away, then lets recap how these Field Research Quests work and why they're so important.

In Pokemon Go players spin PokeStops and in return, collect field research quests from Professor Willow.

These are completely random and the quest for each PokeStop changes every 24 hours.

Completing field research earns rewards for players. This could be anything from Pokeballs to random Pokemon encounters. It all depends on the research task you complete.

Naturally, Pokemon encounters are most popular, especially when the Pokemon available is more rare. 

Complete Field Research Quests and you'll also earn a stamp. Collect seven stamps and you'll unlock an additional field research breakthrough. Normally this means a chance to capture an extra special Pokemon with better rewards to boot.

And that's it. You're all set to go complete some Pokemon Go Field Research.


Pokemon Go October 2020 Field Research - Confirmed

Below is a list of confirmed Field Research tasks for Pokemon Go players in October 2020, courtesy of LeekDuck.com


What is the Pokemon Go October 2020 Research Breakthrough Reward?

What is the Pokemon Go July 2020 Research Breakthrough Reward?As per usual Niantic has already announced the latest changes coming to the Research Breakthrough Reward in October 2020.

Previously trainers had the chance to encounter Alolan Raichu as a possible research breakthrough reward in September 2020.


Alolan Raichu is still available right up until later tonight when the field research breakthrough changes over.

However, if you hold on for a few more hours until later tonight you'll be able to encounter Shedinja, the Shed Pokémon.

 This information was confirmed on the most recent Pokemon Go blog:

"From Thursday, October 1, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. PDT (GMT −7) to Sunday, November 1, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. PST (GMT −8), Shedinja, the Shed Pokémon, will be available as a Research Breakthrough encounter."

When do Pokemon Go October 2020 Field Research Quests start?

(Update - October quests are now live. Below is a list of the Field Research that was available in September 2020)

Field Research Task Pokemon Encounter CP Chance of Shiny?
Win a raidLotadCP 230 - 256Yes
Win 3 raidsAerodactylCP 1136 - 1193Yes
Win 5 raidsChanseyCP 490 - 537Yes
Catch 10 PokémonCranidos730 - 780No
Catch a Dragon-type PokémonMagikarp99 - 117Yes
Catch 3 Psychic-type PokémonDratini397 - 430Yes
Catch 3 Pokémon with Weather BoostAbra534 - 575Yes
Catch 5 Pokémon with Weather BoostSlowpoke487 - 525No
Make 5 Nice ThrowsVulpix Poliwag347 - 378 324 - 355No Yes
Make 5 Nice ThrowsVoltorb399 - 432Yes
Make 3 Great ThrowsGastly Lileep Anorith487 - 527 515 - 553 613 - 655Yes
Make 3 Great Throws in a rowOnix435 - 472Yes
Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a rowSpinda #2486 - 523Yes
Make 3 Excellent Throws in a rowLarvitar411 - 445Yes
Use 5 Berries to help Catch PokémonExeggcute467 - 503Yes
Defeat 2 Team GO Rocket GruntsDrowzee411 - 446Yes
Win a level 3 or higher raidOmanyte Kabuto620 - 662 548 - 587Yes Yes
Win a raidBronzor229 - 258Yes
Win 5 RaidsAerodactyl1136 - 1193Yes
Hatch an EggBeldum385 - 418Yes
Evolve a PokémonWobbuffet Eevee399 - 440 424 - 459Yes Yes
Power up a Pokémon 5 timesBulbasaur Charmander Squirtle442 - 477 387 - 420 372 - 405Yes Yes Yes
Give your buddy 3 treats 437 - 472Yes
Send 3 Gifts to friendsWoobat401 - 435Yes
Transfer 3 PokémonBaltoy307 - 337Yes
Trade a PokémonRalts206 - 231Yes