PlayStation’s first 2023 State of Play leaves some potential Suicide Squad players frustrated

Some characters from Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Some characters from Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

While we’d all been warned to temper our massive expectations heading into last night’s PlayStation State of Play showcase, which was the first of the 2023, those who aren’t all-in on PSVR2 were still seemingly hoping for something to knock their socks off.

Much like last month’s Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct, which didn’t contain any fresh glimpses at Starfield, the broadcast’s aim was seemingly to satisfy these eager gamers while also holding back some highly-anticipated titles for another showcase further down the road.

However, the fresh gameplay footage and developer interviews about Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, the main title tasked with wowing those not tuning in to see the likes of Before Your Eyes and The Foglands, don’t seem to have gone down too well with some prospective players.

What did you think of PlayStation’s first State of Play broadcast of 2023?

The concerns of these superhero stans span a number of threads on ResetEra, with the largest stemming from a post by user vestan, who shared the title’s new co-op gameplay footage, which you can watch below, and mused: “(I’m) a bit torn, honestly.”

They added: “It looks solid (presentation is impeccable as to be expected), but a live-service always-online game is not the sort of thing you'd think Rocksteady of all studios would be behind.”

A number of the other gamers in the thread seemed equally split, with user Ruruja saying: “It's such a shame, because the graphics and lighting are excellent (as you'd expect from Rocksteady) but the gameplay looks so bland.” and ItWasMeantToBe19 adding: “I'm very curious to see how a fight against The Flash or Batman or Superman could possibly look with these mechanics.”

Others were less charitable with their takes, such as user Vertpin, who declared: “I cannot believe how terrible the trailer was. It was ‘Shoot the purple orb weak point’ every five seconds.”

One aspect of the game that definitely seems to be earning the ire of this faction of players in particular, as exhibited in a separate ResetEra thread, is the revelation, confirmed in the FAQ section of the game’s website (thanks Ethan Gach), that an internet connection is required to play both its single player and co-op modes.

That said, some users in the original thread remained optimistic about their chances of enjoying the game, which is set to arrive on May 26, with ToddBonzalez saying: “(The) game looks like a lot of fun, (the) traversal options to get around the city look cool.” and Liam Allen-Miller adding: “The story/cutscenes/etc all look really solid so I’m interested. (The game) looks dramatically better than a lot of games in this (genre), like Anthem and (Marvel’s) Avengers.”

Regardless of what you thought of what you saw from Suicide Squad during this State of Play, make sure to follow us for updates on both it and the other games featured in the showcase.

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