London Studio Is Working on a New PlayStation 5 Exclusive

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Within a set of job listings posted by the studio’s official Twitter account, first spotted by IGN, Sony’s first party PlayStation London Studio confirmed they are working on a new title for the PlayStation 5.

Most commonly associated with their work on previous PlayStation exclusives, London Studio previously brought us 2019’s Blood and Truth, a PSVR crime thriller, and 2014 party game SingStar Ultimate Party. Whilst some games are available via backwards compatibility, this is the first time they've created a game geared specifically towards the considerably beefier hardware of the PS5.

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London Studio Is Working on a New PlayStation 5 Exclusive

Described in the Tweet as an ‘upcoming PlayStation 5 online game’, the game's genre is unclear, and few further details are known about the nature of this new title. You can see the Tweet for yourself below.

Although there's no sign of a release date on the horizon, there's a large number of open positions listed on the studio’s recruitment site. That includes jobs from environment art to in-house recruitment, suggesting an ambitious project of increased scope.

Whether you're a fan of London Studio's past work, or just all things PlayStation, the prospect of more exclusive games is always exciting. We'll keep you up to date with further information on this upcoming project as it becomes available.

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