PlayStation fans hope the publisher’s plans for a varied first-party portfolio might see some dormant series revitalised

The PlayStation logo and a character from Killzone.
Credit: PlayStation.

The PlayStation logo and a character from Killzone.
Credit: PlayStation.

PlayStation and Xbox fans usually have trouble tempering their massive expectations whenever a new showcase for their console of choice is announced.

This isn’t too surprising, given that such broadcasts can offer the chance to get a fresh glimpse of a highly-anticipated title like Starfield or, in the cast of Sony’s most recent transmission, Final Fantasy 16.

With a highly-anticipated showcase from the publisher set to take place later today, some fans waiting to see what PlayStation has in store for the broadcast have decided to fill in the time by speculating as to how it could deliver on plans for a varied first-party portfolio of games.

What are you hoping to see from the PlayStation showcase later today?

Outlined within the presentation for the Game & Network Services portion of a Business Segment Meeting Sony is hosting over the course of today and tomorrow, the “evolving shape” PlayStation’s first-party output looks to be a key focus for the publisher going forwards.

Among the plans to develop it include putting out “two or more major releases per year”, increased investment in new IP and continuing to grow its presence on PC, it’s the desire to put out games “covering every major genre” that’s triggered some debate among fans on ResetEra.

For instance, a number of fans suggested that a truly varied output could resemble how the publisher was operating during the lifetime of the PS3, which user makingmusic476 described by saying: “it seemed like they had a high budget game in most genres, even if they didn't all blow up”.

Building upon this sentiment, the thread saw many yearn for the return of dormant series like Killzone and Motorstorm in order to beef up the publisher’s stocks of FPS and racing games outside of Destiny 2 and Gran Turismo.

“I would love for them to stretch out past the usual ‘narrative action-adventure’ style they've focused on for the past few years.” said user Lowblood, adding: (I’m) just curious what they plan for those genres, though. I really hope they don't consider, like, Horizon and Ghosts to be their RPGs or something.”

Meanwhile, a lot of the other discussion in the thread centred around the list of major genres the publisher explicitly named, which saw some surprised by the inclusion of platformers and the omission of JRPGs as a separate category from the more generic RPG classification, which they interpreted as referring predominantly to western titles.

Regardless of what you’re hoping to see PlayStation reveal at today’s showcase and put out over the next few years, make sure to follow us for updates on the games being shown off and announced during the broadcast.

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