PlayStation Fans Can Once Again Use The Old PS Web Store

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It's been a dramatic few weeks for PlayStation fans. After Sony initially confirmed plans to shut down the PlayStation Store on PS3, PSP, and Vita, Jim Ryan backed down from this stance last week, retaining services for PS3 and Vita., but still saying goodbye to the older handheld.

However, those older games remain unaccessible via Sony's PlayStation Store website. Having been redesigned in October to focus on PS4/PS5 games, you can only purchase PSN Games for Vita/PS3 on their respective consoles now. Sony aren't backtracking on that decision, but one fan has now restored the PS Store's older design.

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PlayStation Fans Can Once Again Explore The Old PS Web Store

Called Valkyrie PS Store, it's an add-on for Mozilla's Firefox web browser by SilicaAndPina, utilising an older version of the PS Store from While previously thought to have been removed entirely, Sony's evidently just hidden the links for purchasing those games, and many users have successfully bought new titles with Valkyrie.

If you'd rather access the old PS Store without this plugin, Silica's offered a YouTube guide on how to do so. Considering we're not meant to access it anymore, there's a good chance Sony will block this creative workaround, so if you intend on buying games with Valkyrie, just remember you're doing so at your own risk.

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