PlayStation 5: Features And Changes We Want To See In The PS5

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With the PlayStation 5 release date set for next year, many are anticipating what the PS5 features and changes will be; especially with the most recent dev kit images. Sony won the last generation of consoles after Microsoft had some early slip-ups, but the Xbox team has done a lot to gain ground in the market. We look at three things that Sony can do to keep their position strong with the start of the new console generation next year with the PS5.

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A Competitor To Xbox Game Pass/Cloud Gaming


PlayStation went with a big focus on "games" last generation, but the feature set of the PS4 was rather bare. While Xbox took its time catching up with exclusives, it was able to differentiate itself through features such as the Game Pass and Microsoft seems to be taking a big focus on cloud gaming. The Xbox Game Pass is practically Netflix for video games, and has proven to be a compelling feature for Microsoft because of the number of high-quality games inside of it.

PlayStation could leverage their large first-party library and offer a similar service to undercut one of Xbox's biggest advantages. Cloud gaming is something that PlayStation dabbled in with PS NOW, but not much has come of that. If PlayStation could combine a Game Pass like service with cloud gaming to allow you to enjoy older titles, it would be a decisive win.

Strong Exclusives Out Of The Gate

PlayStation 4 launched with some weak exclusives out of the gate, but over time the console built up steam and has amassed an extremely impressive library. Microsoft will be launching their "Scorpio" console with Halo: Infinite out of the gate, and PlayStation has not announced what they have that will rival Microsoft's long-running flagship franchise. A release of The Last of Us 2 would do well to sell PS5s, but PlayStation needs to come out of the gate swinging with gorgeous games that showcase how powerful their new console will be.


Xbox never ventured to develop a rival to PlayStation's VR, but PlayStation VR much like VR as a whole never really took off. It's still a very clunky genre despite advances in technology, but with new power upgrades in the PS5 things should be a lot smoother. If PlayStation were to develop a new more streamlined VR system for the PS5, it would become a killer feature that Microsoft so far has been unwilling to compete with. 

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Written ByEzekiel Carsella@jamaican116