Paladins Vora: Release Date, Champion Abilities, Skins, Trailer and Bio

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Paladins, the popular free-to-play hero shooter, is getting another new character.

Vora The Harbinger looks perfect for a Halloween-time character and marks the 46th Champion to be added.


Here's everything we know about the new character.

Paladins: Vora the Harbinger Release Date

Vora lands in the game on October 28th, meaning we're just hours away from being able to play as "The Harbinger".

Paladins: Vora the Harbinger Cost

Vora will cost players 60,000 Gold or 300 Crystals.

Paladins: Vora the Harbinger Abilities

A Flank-type Champion, Vora has a powerful set of skills:

  • Deadly Scythe (LMB) - Fire projectiles to deal damage over time and gain a stack of Darkness. Consuming Darkness heals Vora over time. Consuming maximum stacks augments other abilities.
  • Obliteration (RMB) - Jump up and slash down, becoming Immune. On impact, deal 500 damage and apply Knockback. Consuming maximum Darkness deals increased damage and Slows.
  • Dark Siphon (Q) - Deals 200 damage on hit and an additional 400 damage over time. Hitting an enemy Heals for 300 over 2s. Consuming maximum Darkness stacks Cripples on hit for 2s.
  • Tendril (F) - Manifest your will, propelling yourself towards your target with a tendril. Can hit players to pull you to them.
  • Harbinger's Wrath (E) - Hunt your enemies, increasing Movement Speed and reducing the damage you take. Select a nearby target to lock down, damaging or executing them if they are low health.

Paladins: Vora the Harbinger Trailer

Check out Vora's trailer below:


Paladins: Vora the Harbinger Skins

Vora's skins are as follows:

  • Default - Common
  • Herald - Uncommon
  • Seal Guardian - Epic
  • Honor Guard - Epic
  • Galactic Conqueror - Epic
  • Golden - Legendary

We're partial to the Galactic Conqueror Skin (image courtesy of Paladins Gamepedia)


Paladins: Vora the Harbinger Bio

As per the game's Wiki:

"A life, once devoted to Io, the Moon Goddess. Her sacred martial order was one tasked with protecting ancient seals, but even they did not know the extent of the chaos beneath. Feeling forsaken by her Goddess, surrounded by unanswered prayers and broken bodies, she has chosen to embrace that chaos. The Realm is on a path of self-destruction, but she will deliver it from that fate. She brings the end... of those wars, of that suffering - an end to everything. Those who know her dread her coming, for she is Vora, Harbinger of the End of the Realm; and they are not prepared."