Older Xbox Backwards Compatible Games Could Be Added

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We can't wait to get out hands on the next-gen Xbox.

One thing I loved about the Xbox One was playing Viva Pinata on it through backwards compatibility.


We already know that there will be backwards compatibility for the new consoles but what about some of the older games?

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Older Xbox Games To Become Backwards Compatible

Xbox has already stated that the Xbox Series X and S will have thousands of backwards compatible games.


Although the older games from the Xbox and Xbox 360 will be limited to 700 titles, roughly.

Being someone who played the first Xbox I wish there were some older games being brought to next-gen.

Some fans have voiced the same concern and hope for more backwards compatibility.

Game Informer recently interviewed Xbox director of program management, Jason Ronald.


They asked him if there were plans to add more titles, here's what he had to say:

"It's definitely something that we're looking into, and I'll say 'Never say never'. But I will also say some of these games were designed before the idea of generational compatibility came into play. So, in some cases, we've run into some technical challenges, and in other cases, there's licensing challenges and whatnot."

"So, the team's definitely looking into it. I can't commit to anything here, but it's definitely something top of mind for us and something that we are investigating."

The positive is that they're looking into it and the Xbox and Xbox 360 that are available have some new features.


These include faster loading time, smoother performance and Auto HDR tech.

For the hundreds of original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles that are compatible with the Xbox Series X/S at launch, you'll get the benefit of faster loading times, Auto HDR tech and smoother performance.

It also seems that the 360 emulator is actually faster on the Series X.

We'll keep you updated if we hear anything more on this topic!