Norman Reedus Sparks Silent Hill Speculation With Instagram Photo

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It can't be easy being a Silent Hill fan this last decade. Following PT's release in 2014 and subsequent cancellation, we've seen endless revival rumours about Konami's survival horror series. However, this may be one of the more bizarre potential "teases" we've seen yet.

Posting a video onto his Instagram (warning, this contains flashing images), Norman Reedus posted himself with Lakeside Amusement Park's mascot, Robbie the Rabbit. First seen in Silent Hill 3, Robbie's since appeared in most subsequent entries, alongside cameos in other Konami games.

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Norman Reedus Sparks Silent Hill Speculation With Instagram Photo


While this is a strange post on its own, the significance won't be lost on most Silent Hill fans. Norman Reedus famously portrayed the protagonist within PT, working alongside Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro on Silent Hills. Though it never went further, their collaboration continued in Death Stranding.

Whether this means a new game is coming or not is unclear, though it certainly won't help the rumour mill. Between Akira Yamaoka's cryptic tease several months ago and recent collaboration news between Konami and Bloober Team, hopefully we'll get a confirmation soon.