Why NickMercs Was Named A Global Ambassador For Under Armour

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For all he has done for gaming, NickMercs deserves a lot more respect than he gets. It is undeniable that NickMercs is making gaming more relevant to households in the US. Now, he's gone even further.

NickMercs was recently named Underarmour's global ambassador. Stephen Curry, Tom Brady, and Lindsey Vonn are other sports athletes who have earned this title. Underarmour has never done this for a gaming star before, so it's pretty significant.


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Why is NickMercs a Global Ambassador for Under Armour?

NickMercs has achieved a great honor by being named a global ambassador for Under Armour. This is another achievement after he was named as one of the Co-Owners of FaZe Clan. It's unknown how much money he made from this deal, but we can assume it was considerable.


Although Under Armour primarily sponsors traditional sports athletes, it has sponsored a handful of esports teams, including Team SMG, Kansas City Pioneers, and Mirage Esports.

The company posted operational income at $112 million and net income at $110 million during the period ending June 30, and revenue of $1.4 billion (Q2). With these incredible results in mind, Under Armour raised its outlook for Q3 on Tuesday.

A significant reason as to why they'd pursue NickMercs was to increase profits. NickMercs is an avid fitness enthusiast. A group of internationally recognized experts will optimize NickMercs' exercise regimen through the Under Armour Human Performance Team. In exchange, NickMercs will promote Under Armour through his streams, bringing Under Armour into the homes of millions of subscribers and followers.

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