New Rumors Suggest Call Of Duty 2021 To Be Developed by Sledgehammer Games

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Although Black Ops Cold War has only been released for two months now, fans of the series are always looking ahead.

Should Call of Duty continue its cycle of releasing a brand new game every year; the developer behind COD 2021 has been highly speculated as of now.


With Treyarch taking the helm with Black Ops Cold War; it is unlikely that they develop the next iteration. 

However, new rumors and leaks suggest that Sledgehammer Games is once again taking the reigns. 

Here's what we know! 




TheGamingRevolution has posted a brand new video detailing some of these leaks and rumors regarding COD 2021.

For those who do not know, Sledgehammer Games is primarily responsible for the development of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare back in 2014.

Since they have helped in various aspects of Call of Duty WW2 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019.


Some of the key points that TGR makes throughout the video include the following: 

  • Back in May of 2020, Sledgehammer Games posted a tweet noting they are looking to take on over 100 new employees
  • Sledgehammer posted a tweet on NYE, noting 'Power Off. Power on'
  • The exact same day of this tweet, Treyarch implemented the Sledgehammer melee weapon into Black Ops Cold War
  • Tom Henderson, a well-known Call of Duty leaker posted a cryptic tweet with someone holding a Sledgehammer, asking if we are ready for COD 2021.

Check out TGR's full video below!