Quake Could Be Getting a New Game, Job Listings Hint

2021 marks Quake's 25th anniversary, one of id Software and Bethesda's most iconic FPS titles. A celebratory edition was released earlier this year to mark that occasion, bringing the original game to modern-day systems with 4K visuals and free campaign DLC.

The franchise's birthday was celebrated with style and many have been wondering whether a new episode is imminent. Thanks to a host of job listings on Zenimax's website, it's speculated that the franchise might finally receive its long-awaited next entry.

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Quake Might Be Getting A New Game, Job Listings Hint

id Software is recruiting talent for an upcoming game, with several jobs indicating that the unannounced project is a AAA first-person shooter. For Gameplay Designer, the successful candidate is expected to work on weapon mechanics for this title:

We are seeking a talented GAMEPLAY DESIGNER to come help us make industry-leading weapons, AI, progression systems, player mechanics, and game modes for AAA first-person action games.

While this may not cement that Quake is being rejuvenating, the role of Senior Graphics Programmer states that the title will be a "legendary id game for PC and next-generation console systems". The listing for Senior Technical Animator/ Character TD indicates the development will be for a "long-running iconic action FPS".

id Software has brought a host of iconic franchises back, through Wolfenstein and Doom Eternal, the latter receiving a Horde Mode last week. Given Quake's revitalisation this year through the anniversary edition, all signs hint that the new game might be a follow-up.

Previous rumours implied that a reboot is in development with the upcoming title expected to follow a female protagonist, so the studio could be heading into full production. For now, this is all speculation but, we'll inform you when we learn more.

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