New PS5 Store Coming This Month, But It's Making Some Changes to PS4

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The new store interface will launch next week, the week of October 19, preparing the storefront for PS5's launch next week.


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The PS5 is on its way and we can't wait to see some of the new features!

One aspect that players have been interested in is whether the PlayStation Store will stay the same or if it would be updated.

Well, it looks like those who wanted a new store are in luck!


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New PS Store

Sony has spoken with developers and stated they plan to launch a new PlayStation Store.

This updated interface will be available for both mobile and the web.


The new store should be arriving sometime later this month.

Unfortunately, anyone still playing on a PS3, PS Vita or PSP will no longer be able to purchase content.

As well as this, PS4 apps, avatars and themes won't be available on the web or mobile store any longer.

Anything mentioned above that is on your wishlist will also be removed.


This is all likely being done in preparation for the PS5.

Source code has been found on the office PlayStation site that shows wishlists could be integrated to next-gen.

Although older content is no longer available to buy on the online store, you can still buy content using their native store apps!

When it comes to apps, theme, avatars, etc that you already own, no need to worry.


They will still be accessible on your console.

Anything bought before the store updates will still be available in your downloads, and stay as it was.

As said before we expect this is likely to get ready for the PS5.

We'll let you know if we find out anything more!