New Home: The “Angry Birds” Are Drawn to Japan!

all of the birds from angry birds

all of the birds from angry birds

The well-known mobile game not on gamstop "Angry Birds" is being taken over by a company in Japan. Video game specialist Sega Sammy is buying the Finnish developer Rovio.

Although Rovio (around 400 employees) landed a real hit with Angry Birds, the company was unable to build on this success with further games not on gamstop.

The majority of sales will continue to be generated with business related to the artillery game, first released in 2009.

Even then, Angry Birds made use of the relatively new touchscreen operation. With finger movements, you shoot colourful birds from a catapult at pigs that want to steal eggs.

The kamikaze animals became so popular over time that Rovio even brought the aggressive birdies to cinemas in 2016.

Sega, on the other hand, is known for video game characters like Sonic. The merger of Sega with the non GamStop slot machine provider Sammy around two decades ago resulted in today's Sega Sammy company. Now the company with around 8,000 employees would like to expand its portfolio by taking over Rovio.

However, they are not the first prospective buyers. A takeover bid by the Israeli company Playtika was announced at the beginning of the year. However, the Finns rejected the offer.

Now the gaming scene is pondering which new game developments could emerge from the company merger, which cost 706 million euros.

It remains to be seen whether the Angry Birds in Japan will continue to be so angry and achieve high sales. Maybe they let themselves be inspired by Japanese culture and in the future?

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Like Slots Not on GamStop, Match Three in a Row With Angry Birds & Win!

In the new Angry Birds Fight, the familiar gameplay of the game is thrown overboard. By sliding the angry birds in the right way, you score points and complete levels.

As of today, the thirteenth game in the popular Angry Birds series is available, in the form of Angry Birds Fight. As with previous games, developer Rovio is trying to provide some more variety by making a different kind of game.

Angry Birds Fight is a so-called match-3 puzzle game, which means that you have to slide three of the same birds next to each other to remove them. You'll be familiar with this principle from Bejeweled and Candy Crush, for example, but it is now given a different look.

In every game you play in Angry Birds Fight, you play against another person in the world. In the game, you compete online against others as much as possible, although it is also possible to play the game offline.

At the start of a level, you see a playing field with all known angry birds. By swapping them with each other, you have to slide three or more next to each other. The better the combinations are, the more points you score.

The game also features the cartoonish style you're used to from Angry Birds, as well as a fun soundtrack. There are also various power-ups available to give you a helping hand during gameplay. There are in-app purchases, which are quite prominent, but not very disturbing.

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